Dental financing

Cost… everyone’s concern

At Dr. Hill’s dental practice in Langley, we know one of the biggest concerns most people have when they need to see a dentist is the cost.

Dental procedures can be costly–we will work with you to make both your treatment and the cost are as painless as possible.

Dental insurance can help cover a portion of the cost, but it can also be confusing. Most dental plans don’t cover the cost of the whole procedure. If you are having cosmetic dental procedures most dental insurance plans do not cover any costs.

That’s why Dr. Hill offers Flexible Payment Plans and will work with you to find alternative payment solutions so your dental treatment–whether it’s a Smile Makeover, Orthodontics, Better Oral Health, Improved Bite, Pain and Migraine Solutions, Sleep Disorders – whatever your dental concerns are – fits into your budget.


We know your health is your main priority – it’s priceless – and we know good oral health is part of that.

TMJ and Sleep Disorder Solutions will determine the best treatment plan and find an affordable payment plan for you. If you would like to make monthly payments for your care in our office, we can help you set up low-interest and zero-interest monthly payment financing plans.

If you already have an account with one of the dental financing providers listed below, you are already qualified and you do not need to do anything further to qualify for a payment plan for care in our office.

If you do NOT already have an account and you are interested in setting up a payment plan, please click below:

I would like to know more about Dental Financing and/or Flexible Payment Options

and one of our representatives will contact you shortly, without any obligations.